Going Rogue

October 23

Going Rogue Back in the day, when Sarah Palin was a Republican Party nominee for VP in the 2008 Presidential election there was much written and said about her – most of it not very flattering. After she lost the election she went on to write a memoir entitled, “Going Rogue.” (The ‘Rogue’ part of the title derives from criticism leveled at Palin by McCain campaign advisers that she was straying from their carefully crafted message and publicly disagreeing with McCain on several issues.) Sarah Palin is not the subject of this post, but I do h… - read more -

Changing Lenses

August 21

Changing Lenses Every day, life gifts us with opportunities to which we are free to accept, or to struggle with, and I don’t know about you, but when I find myself having chosen to struggle I am always left exhausted by the ensuing battle. Noah Webster defines Struggle as: To contend or fight violently with an opponent; to make great efforts, or attempts; strive; labor; to make one’s way with difficulty.Can you feel the weight of the effort just from reading the above definition? Opponents, fighting violently, and making ones way with difficulty - no wond… - read more -

Christmas in July

July 9

Christmas in July A Merry Christmas in JULY, everyone!I’ve been thinking about you lately, and I’m a little curious…Is there something you would like to do, have, or experience in your life that you currently aren’t doing, don’t have, and/or are not experiencing?What would you be doing if your career was a reflection of all of who you are?What is the one thing you could create in your life that would make you unrecognizable one year from now?If you were unleashed from all that is currently holding you back; who would you be? What would you be doing?Do any of t… - read more -

Live Long, Love, and Prosper

July 1

Live Long, Love, and Prosper I found this blog post that I wrote on February 27, 2015, that was inspired by words William Shatner spoke in tribute to his good friend Leonard Nimoy, who had died that day. I put the piece, in draft form, on the ‘back burner’ for the night, and then, like many of you, came down with that horrendous flu that hung around for two and a half months. It’s been four months since Mr. Nimoy’s passing, and the inspiration I received from learning how much he loved, remains.Leonard Nimoy died today – he was 83-years old. In reading about his passing … - read more -

How Do You Do Friendship?

April 1

How Do You Do Friendship? I think we can all agree that we’ve become pretty casual and relaxed these days. Nothing wrong with that – being casual and relaxed is good for us, right? We no longer have to stress over what time the dry-cleaner closes in order to pick up our starched shirts and pressed suits for work; or making sure we have a new pair of pantyhose in our desk drawer in case of a run. In some circles, polished and healed shoes are a thing of the past, and the majority of men, and a large percentage of women, agree that a woman can open her own door, thank y… - read more -

Effort, Perseverance, and Self-Reward

January 1

Effort, Perseverance, and Self-Reward Since I was 21 years old, every December 31st, I’ve taken part in my own hallowed NYE ritual. I pour myself a glass of wine (Malbec, this year), I light a candle (almond scented this year), and I sit on my oh-so-comfy couch and read over the list of goals I made the previous year that I wanted to accomplish in the New Year. I then assess and evaluate my results and when it’s time to look at what I fell short on carrying over the proverbial end-of-the year finish line, let’s just say I certainly am happy to have a glass of wine in hand! That’s a… - read more -