Christmas in July

July 9

A Merry Christmas in JULY, everyone!

I've been thinking about you lately, and I'm a little curious...

  • Is there something you would like to do, have, or experience in your life that you currently aren't doing, don't have, and/or are not experiencing?
  • What would you be doing if your career was a reflection of all of who you are?
  • What is the one thing you could create in your life that would make you unrecognizable one year from now?
  • If you were unleashed from all that is currently holding you back; who would you be? What would you be doing?

Do any of these questions give you pause – invite you to 'have-a-little-think'? Maybe they triggered something else you've had on your mind for a while now that you keep thinking about, but just haven't taken any action on - yet.

One of the best ways to kick start something into gear is to brainstorm – be coached – by someone who will listen, won't interrupt, judge, or tell you what to do. And this is why I am gifting you with a FREE, 45-minute, one-on-one personal coaching session – with me!

No matter what you want to do, change, or achieve in life, the steps to success are the same – knowing who you are at your very core, re-connecting to that unique greatness that is you, having a clear vision and a strong commitment, and last, but certainly not least, having strong support – an ally. So I invite you to take this opportunity to experience what it's like to have an ally, and to have the focus be 100% on you and whatever you choose to bring to your 45-minute, FREE, call. I promise, that at the end of our conversation, you will have clarity, a vision and direction, and a couple of next steps for you to take to get you into action. And, you will feel energized and inspired to start creating what it is you want and deserve.

Since I am making this offer for the first time I have no idea what the response will be, however, the sooner you reply the better for I can only take as many people as I have time for in my weekly calendar. To accept my gift, simply click on the Contact Me tab on the navigation bar, above, and then do what you know to do. When finished, click Submit. I will contact you within three business days to schedule your call.

Yours in harmony,


P.S. I'm not against re-gifting, so go ahead - re-wrap, and pass it on if this gift is not for you right now ;-)

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