Deborah Gerard

As coach, I support and facilitate professional men and women who are facing challenges in life and/or career, to find within themselves the answers and resolutions they are seeking.

Deborah Gerard

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“The heart of the matter is…the heart matters.” — Anonymous

I feel like I’ve been coaching people for as long as I can remember - I just didn’t have a name for it. I eventually undertook rigorous training to become a professional life coach, learning the skills and practices that have allowed me to support my clients to achieve breakthrough results.

I believe that we can only take people as far as we have gone ourselves. While life has been quite an adventure, I’ve also faced many challenges and overcome many obstacles – gaining tremendous insight along the way. This awareness – what I call “authentic wisdom” – is one of the most exceptional aspects I bring to my coaching.

I believe in the power of vulnerability, transparency, kindness and love, and I stand for possibility. You bring your goals, your challenges, and your dreams. I bring compassion, support, and accountability. Together, we’ll explore a world of possibilities and set you on the road to goals achieved and dreams fulfilled.

Deborah Gerard's Process
Deborah Gerard's Process

The Process

My training was unique in that I chose to study and become an ontological life coach. Ontology is the branch of metaphysics that deals with the nature of BEING, so the focus during coaching is always on who you are Being - for who we are Being drives our behavior and directly informs what we do and how we do it. This approach is significantly more empowering in creating the life you want and deserve than merely scratching the surface to change old behaviors and habits. It’s like creating a new map to replace the old one!

The foreground of our work is project design from the future - the future vision being the goal you want to achieve. You create your own project by predetermining the timeline and designing milestones that, when accomplished, move you forward toward your goal. While working on your milestones it is natural for challenges, objections and self-limiting thought patterns to surface. Together we will identify any inner conversations that are getting in the way of your commitment to your goal, and co-create practices to support and strengthen the insights gained. We will focus concurrently on your goals and on who you are Being - continually working to get you out of your own way.

Equally important is bringing awareness to your physical, mental, emotional and spiritual well-being. Our well-being is the foundation on which we build and live our lives, so the importance of nurturing and taking care of ourselves cannot be overstated. You will create and adopt a personalized well-being plan and support structure, which we will evaluate during each coaching session to ensure your project goals are being supported by an investment in your wellness.

“Out beyond ideas of wrong doing and right doing, there is a field. I’ll meet you there.” — Rumi

Deborah Gerard - Personal Growth Life Coach
Deborah Gerard - Personal Growth Life Coach

My Story

“I walked all those miles. I learned all those lessons. It’s as if my new life was the gift I got at the end of a long struggle.” — Cheryl Strayed

My walk, my life, has been full and rich and extraordinary. But it has not been without struggle. I’ve been fortunate, however, to be able to take the many profound lessons I’ve learned throughout the years and apply them to my own life and my coaching practice.

My mother was angry, highly critical, and terribly hard on me. She was unable to love and support me unconditionally, which caused intense shame and emotional pain. I found solace in the arts – piano and voice lessons, competitions, dance and musical comedy. I earned a degree in music, moved to New York City, and buried myself in my career in theatre for 16 years. For a time I thought I had everything figured out – I had submerged my pain and was living a life that, on the outside, appeared exciting and successful. But I was wearing an emotional straightjacket that finally became too restricting. Ten years after arriving in the Big Apple, I woke up one morning feeling empty and hollow and scared. I hired a therapist, sat down and finally let go of all the pain I had been holding onto.

Since that day, I’ve experienced countless revelations – some comforting, and many painful, but all of them ultimately healing. After numerous contemplative walks through Central Park I decided to move on and continue my ‘road less traveled’ in a new ‘neighborhood’ – Seattle. Throughout this time I continued to work in various careers - from public relations to advertising to bond-trading, but nothing fit. I never expected that a diagnosis of breast cancer would lead me to my true calling.

During my 13 months of cancer treatment, I looked for support and often encountered cold and judgmental doctors, nurses, and therapists (and one life coach) – all doing more harm than good. What I couldn’t find was a healthy, wise ‘someone’ who truly listened and who could see, hear and understand me. A ‘someone’ who asked questions that got me past the answers to a place of insight, and who encouraged self-compassion and self-acceptance. In short, I could have used a me!

Armed with the belief that there was a void I could fill – I went back to school and became a professional life coach. As I reflected on my life, I realized that my strongest calling, since birth, is ‘to be present, and to be with.’ This is what I bring to my coaching practice - to be that safe place for others to show up, to be present and to be with, to truly listen, and to see, hear and understand. I offer these gifts and the authentic wisdom I have gleaned from my life to every person I work with. It is my passion to bring all that I was looking for, for so many years – all that I am, to my clients, in hopes of making their life journeys easier.

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Accredited Life Coach Services |Ontological approach |achieve personal & professional well-being
Accredited Life Coach Services |Ontological approach |achieve personal & professional well-being


Coaching sessions are one hour in length, once a week, with four sessions each month. They are conducted on the phone (tele-coaching) or, occasionally, in person.

Preliminary Session

A scheduled two hour conversation where we assess your needs, identify your goals, and establish a foundation for our work together.


  • Preliminary Session (pre-requisite)
  • A recommended four-month commitment
  • Four one-hour coaching sessions per month
  • E-mail and/or text communication between sessions
  • Laser coaching (20 minutes – situational)

Add-On Single Sessions

  • Single 30-Minute Coaching Sessions, by appointment.
  • Single 60-Minute Coaching Sessions, by appointment.

Life coach for men - achieve balance, well being, and growth

In Their Own Words

Let a few of Deborah’s clients talk about their experience working with her:

Life coach for men - achieve balance, well being, and growth

Julia Bruk

Sr. Art Director, Amazon
Seattle, Washington

“Deborah has a way of bringing you back to the you that you’ve wanted to meet your whole life. She has a rare gift of building a safe space for addressing the deeply rooted self-reflections that will allow for major insights and life changes. It was such a pleasure to receive her guidance and support in discovering and growing the seedlings of my strengths while addressing growth areas. Conversations with her were comfortable, re-energizing, reflective, and led to clear actions that mattered, giving immediate results. Her wise, attentive, and compassionate energy reached beyond our direct communications and influenced many serendipitous moments. I will carry with me, cherish, and apply many of our exchanges and discoveries for the rest of my life. Thank you for all your gifts.”

John Sweetnam

Int. Business Coach for Entrepreneurs
Founding Partner of Coaching Navigator
Ottawa, Ontario, Canada

“Deborah’s gift to me was trust, safety, and a compassionate appreciation in her presence and words shared. She touched me deeply, and challenged me to not overthink the experience: to “be” present with my open and loving heart. Deborah has this unique ability to stay compassionately detached from judgement, and she listens so deeply to her clients. Along with her insightful wisdom she indeed has the latest version of x-ray, or special sonic ability, to hear both the disconnect and the challenge for the client who is looking for their solution.”

Cynthia Webster

Musician and Artist
Sequim, Washington

“I never could have imagined the twisty turny roads down which my coaching sessions took me, and I am glad for all of them. Deborah taught me to observe at the deepest levels what my body tells me, how my heart nudges me to be, and where my spirit wants me to fly. I can be nothing but grateful for her quiet insistence that the answers really do lie within me. How beautifully reassuring. How enriched I am because, one day, I took a chance and asked Deborah to come alongside me. Deborah, my highly skilled champion of all that is good.”

John Masterson

Seattle, Washington

“While I knew that my doldrums were not required, deserved, or permanent, I was impatient to sail clear and had no idea how. Deborah’s coaching premise is that knowing who you are, with depth and specificity, is a key element of a rewarding life. Makes sense to me. I was skeptical about coaching generally, but during our first session, she advised me to “trust the process,” and I am glad I did. Today, thanks in part to my conversations with Deborah, I know myself a lot better and have kicked off the next phase of my life with exuberance and confidence. You should call her.”

Teresa Halberg

Sun Prairie, Wisconsin

“Deborah listens, and she helps me to listen to myself. A beautiful gift that often surprised me. She also helped me see that my worrying (what I thought was an inborn sensitivity) was a behavior that I could change. I am more relaxed now and enjoy people and activities. Thank you, Deborah!”

Garren Katz

Small Business Owner
State College, Pennsylvania

“My experience working with Deborah has been powerful. Not only due to the level of awareness she has supported me in creating in my life, but also in the area of accountability. Deborah has time and time again, supported me to move in the direction I wanted; and she has consistently brought accountability into my life. Deborah balances all of this with an inherent compassion for the client. I feel her support not only from her thoughts and idea’s, but also from her heart. For me, that has been very powerful. I have benefited greatly from working with Deborah, and I recommend her with utmost confidence.”

Gretchen Konrady

Freelance Writer
Seattle, Washington

Working with Deborah meant discovering that being self critical wasn’t empowering, and it made no sense to keep ‘undermining’ my naturally happy state. I found Deborah to be skilled and helpful. She offers an empathetic and yet structured approach, and is SUCH an incredible listener. She helped me get out of my own way and listen to my heart more.

Brian Watters

Managing Director
London, England, United Kingdom

“Deborah is truly unique. Her background, life experiences and professional training deliver a powerful combination of insight, wisdom and knowledge. I knew instantly that she was an exceptional human being and communicator with an ability to listen and a desire to understand me. In a safe environment, Deborah brought harmony and intuition back into my life, and I wholeheartedly recommend her.”

Gosia Kierc

Manager, Learning and Development
Seattle, Washington

Deborah’s coaching is empowering and supportive, and also challenging enough to promote improvement and growth. In just a few sessions I gained a lot of insight into what was holding me back, and what I need to work on to be better and to have a happier self.

Joe Torrey

Seattle, Washington

“Invoking a piece of iconic pop culture to illuminate truth is risky, for sure, but for me, working with Deborah was a bit like being Neo in the movie, The Matrix, where he meets the Oracle. She tells him, “You have the gift, but you are waiting for something.” Deborah provided the tools and accountability to help me to stop waiting, and to start moving my projects forward with positive action. A kind of real life oracle, for sure.”

Lia Uttaro

Research Coordinator
Brookline, Massachusetts

Working with Deborah has been wonderful. Deborah’s joy in her role as coach is evident each time I coach with her. I love how she enjoys learning about me as much as I do. Her insight is invaluable. I now have a security that is liberating – the ability to be really truthful, which I’ve been unable to be with others in my life, and the freedom to voice my emotions on any subject and to understand why I feel them. The energy she brings to each session is wonderful and infectious. Deborah has the ability to make me both laugh and deeply think about the issue at hand. Thank you, Deborah, for your overwhelming encouragement and support.

Accomplishment Coaching ICF Accredited Coach Training Program
AC CTP Graduate, Ontological Coaching and Leadership

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